Iris SIlk Treatment

*Iris Silk Treatment ................................ $300.00 and up

This professional treatment was created to provide hydration, manageability and shine on frizzy hair, the combination of natural oils, keratin, breathable silicones and other ingredients, (100% FORMALDEHYDE FREE) will help to keep the texture and body reducing up to 90% of the
frizz on your hair, cutting you blow out time and leaving your hair with a silky shine.

After the completion of the Iris Silk Treatment, you will be sent home with the Iris Silk Cleanser to maintain the longevity of the treatment.

Iris Silk CLEANSE is a gentle color safe shampoo free of harsh chemicals with an infuse of zapote oil, for hydration, you will love the fragrance, you just need a small amount because of the concentration of the product.